Hey! Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. I’m Travis Batterson and back in March of 2013 I wrote my first book explaining Bitcoin and proffering some interesting opinions. Below you should see a picture with a link to buy a hard copy for $9.99.

I wanted to make an explanation as simple and quick as possible and I wanted readers to feel confident with their grasp of the knowledge. Bitcoin: A Basic Explanation of Everything does just that. Not only that, I provide informative articles and videos. What’s Bitcoin? It’s a decentralized digital currency that operates on a peer-to-peer basis. There is no central bank. There is no government management. There is only free individuals exchanging a digital representation of wealth. Bitcoin is based on the standard of a good currency and because it meets these basic standards, Bitcoin in many ways out-competes with fiat currency.

Not only is Bitcoin an alternative to PayPal, money wires and going through international banks, it’s the evolution of currency! You can send Bitcoin across the world… without fees. Bitcoin continues to grow in value… the USD continues to inflate. There was a period of time when people predominantly traded gold. The banks started holding the gold and representing it with bank notes. The government took bank notes off of gold and now it floats according to the dictates of central bankers. Someday soon, people will remember this phase of currency as a passing phase. Bitcoin is the technological revolution’s answer to money and with Amazon accepting it and Overstock.com the trend will only continue to grow. Will you join it?

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